All about our Napkins

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Reasons to love our napkins
  • Tissue Based Napkins are soft and absorbent
  • Printed with shiny metallic Foil, far superior to ink printed napkins.
  • Our napkins do not suffer from the problem often found elsewhere, of 'heavy printing' where the design nearly comes through the other side, as we have an experienced professional printer!
  • We have lovely large designs and many drawn by a working artist (see the Christening Teddy designs)
  • People tend to take our napkins home from the occasion as a keepsake!
  • Made here in the UK
  • FREE UK postage.
What is Hot Foil printing?

Foil or ink?

Many cheaper napkins are ink printed, but we choose to use the superior (and much better looking) Hot Foil process. A layer of coloured foil (rather than ink), is printed onto the napkin using a hot fusion process. This means that the design and the personalisation print on napkins, in the colour foil that you choose, is stunning! Gold looks like Gold leaf, Silver looks like shiny Silver, with many other choices of colours including a gorgeous Rainbow Foil. Hot Foil printing is a manual process (and a bit of an art form :-), and the printer has to set up the printing process for each different order. This is done twice for Personalised napkins, once for the design and once for the wording. Please note with personalised items! We print what is ordered and any mistakes in the details are your responsibility, so please check your order details are correct. Such is the quality of the hot foil printing, our printer has been asked, by other printers, how he does it! (but he doesn't tell them :-)
What sizes do you sell?
Currently, you have a choice of two sizes. 33cm 2 ply 'Buffet' 40cm 3 ply 'Luncheon'


2 ply Buffet size 33cm or 13inches 3 ply Dinner size 40cm or nearly 16 inches


33cm – 16.5cm or 6 1/2 inches 40cm – 20.5cm or 8 inches
What colour napkins have you got?
You can choose from, White, Cream, Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Red, Black, Green, Burgundy and Midnight Blue for most occasions. Although all the colours are available, you may find that, for example, the 70th Anniversary Napkins, may only have White and Cream with a choice of just Silver, Gold and Rainbow colour. This is purely because 100% of our orders over the years for a 70th Anniversary, have only chosen those colours, so we've tried to make the ordering process easier. If you want a colour that is not listed on the napkins you want, (say you wanted Green for example), just contact us and we will make the napkins with this colour. Please note! Not all foil colours are suitable for all Napkin colours, but our site is clever enough to only offer you the correct choice of Foil colours for the Napkin you choose. The Foil colours available (but not on all occasions (as for the Napkin reason) are – Gold, Silver, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Dark Blue, Red, Black and Rainbow
When you say ‘Designs’ does that just mean the picture?
We have a range of different designs for different occasion. A lot of our napkins were designed by an artist (see the Christening and Naming Day napkins. As some foils do not go with some napkins, our site is clever enough to know which foil to offer you based on the colour napkin you choose Personalised Napkins are often called Monogrammed Napkins or Custom printed Napkins Our designs all come with some pictures, but also with the large wording, so that, for example, the 50th Birthday Napkin comes with a Bottle and Glass design AND the Happy 50th Birthday wording at the top, as standard. Then we put your personalisation. We get a lot of customers put ‘Happy 50th Birthday’ etc for their 1st personalisation line, which is not necessary as we already print that, as it is part of the design, and this is the same for all our Napkins.

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