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Naming Day Napkins

Naming Day Napkins for your ceremony

Napkins so good, people take them home as keepsakes :-)
Buffet and Luncheon sizes
Beautiful large designs, with a choice of Napkin and Foil colours.
Tissue-based paper Napkins, so soft and absorbent.
Printed using the Hot Foil process for a superior finish.

Your occasion is special, so we make sure your Napkins are special.

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Naming Day Napkins

Naming Day Napkins

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Usually, a naming ceremony is a non-religious alternative to ceremonies such as a Christening. To recognise and celebrate the arrival of a child and welcome him or her into the family. Often carried by a humanist celebrant in which the parent's name 'guide parents', 'mentors' or 'supporting adults' instead of godparents.

All our Naming Day Foil printed Napkins are dispatched Royal Mail FREE 1st Class Post